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In the shadows of our souls lies a silent force, one that stealthily undermines our identity, erodes our self-worth, and disconnects us from the essence of who we are meant to be. This force is shame—a pervasive and often unrecognized assassin of our spirit. Yet, within the pages of "Shame, The Silent Assassin," lies the key to unmasking this hidden enemy and reclaiming the life of freedom and purpose that God intends for us. Crafted with profound insight and grounded in biblical truth, this book embarks on a transformative journey into the heart of shame. Through a compelling blend of personal narrative, scriptural exploration, and practical guidance, Dr. Patterson invites you on a journey to confront and defeat the yokes of shame that have held you captive. From the gripping account of a spiritual awakening to the silent depths of shame, to the empowering discovery of the "Reflection Principle," this book navigates the complex landscape of shame with sensitivity and wisdom. It challenges the distorted mirrors that have shaped our self-view, offering a path to see ourselves as "God-engineered"—wonderfully made and deeply loved by our Creator. "Shame, The Silent Assassin" does more than expose the workings of shame; it equips you with the tools to wage war against it. Through the power of anointing, the strength of community, and the practice of daily victory, you will learn to break the cycle of shame and step into a new normal—a life defined not by past pains but by your true identity in Christ. Whether you've struggled with shame for a lifetime or you're just beginning to understand its impact, this book offers a beacon of hope and a practical roadmap to freedom. Inside, you'll find not only transformative insights but also actionable steps that invite healing, restoration, and a new way of living.

Shame: The Silent Assassin

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