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CADRE Apostolic Network (CAN) is a covenantal alliance of movement leaders,influencers,and ministers. We are connected for the purpose of Kingdom advancement and enterprise. We believe that through strategic networking, synergy is created; releasing power for social and cultural transformation. CADRE Apostolic Network is not a denominational organization, but a strategic divine connection through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are administered to facilitate the empowerment of leaders and not to infringe on the local autonomy of the church, pastor, and persons associated. Through collaboration, deep-level relationships, commitment and trust are developed to advance God’s kingdom in the nations of the earth.

Relational Connection and Support

Targeted Leadership Development Opportunities


Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

Opportunities to participate in global kingdom efforts together

Ordination Organizational and Ministry Consulting

Building Upgrades, Expansions & Campaigns

Multisite structure and support

Eldership and Church Governance

Best Practices Advanced Organizational & Ministry Training

Strategic Planning

Market Place/7 Mountain Training

Five-Fold School

Leadership Marriage Retreat

Round Table Convergence

Catalyst Leadership Summit


-Provides spiritual protection and accountability through relationships

-Serves as a resource HUB

-Is in agreement with God’s assignment for each leader and assists in the accomplishment of that vision. 

-Identifies and activates ministry gifts.  Equips leaders to impact every area of society(church, family, government, media, arts, business, education)

I-s a platform for cross-pollination and net- working with high level leaders. 

-Is a training ground for leaders

-Provides spiritual and emotional support through mentoring, coaching, encouragement, problem-solving, guidance in crisis management, consulting, and strategic planning

-Serves as a prophetic forecast station, keep the church updated with what Holy Spirit is doing in the earth.

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