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Rev Up is dedicated to fostering the vitality and sustainability of churches by focusing on their organizational health through a biblical apostolic model. Recognizing the church as a living organism, we understand that like a body with many parts, each component must function effectively for the whole to thrive (1 Corinthians 12:12). When these systems are compromised, the health of the church can deteriorate, leading to a decline in its life and mission.

Biblical Assessment and Apostolic Strategic Planning

"How is the health of your church?" This pivotal question can become challenging to answer over time. To discover God’s direction for your church, an accurate understanding of your current state is essential. At Rev Up, we collaborate with church leaders to implement a range of assessment techniques and exercises grounded in apostolic principles. These tools are designed to objectively evaluate the health of your leadership and congregation, enabling us to craft a strategic plan that maximizes your God-given potential and aligns with your mission, as Paul did with the early churches (Acts 15:41).

Strategic Development through Apostolic Foundations

Our strategic planning process is crucial for ensuring that all parts of the church body grow and develop in harmony. This holistic approach helps your church to function effectively as one unified body, just as Christ intended (Ephesians 4:16). Our plans are not just about growth but ensuring that every aspect of your church is spiritually healthy and biblically aligned.

Crisis Intervention and Triage

There are times when a church might face severe challenges—whether from a dwindling congregation, broken systems, or financial troubles. Similar to how the early church faced and overcame its challenges through apostolic guidance, our triage process helps to address these critical issues. Our local Rev Up teams assess the areas where your church needs the most immediate intervention, identifying and repairing the systems that are failing. We develop practical, biblically-based solutions that re-establish and maintain healthy systems, bringing your church back to a state of health and growth.


Ongoing Apostolic Support

Our commitment extends beyond initial evaluations and crisis resolution. At Rev Up, we provide ongoing apostolic support to ensure that your church does not just recover but thrives. Our continued partnership aims to foster a resilient, flourishing community that remains true to its divine calling and purpose.

Rev Up invites your church to engage with us in revitalizing its health and organizational well-being. Let’s ensure your church not only survives but thrives through a foundation built on biblical truth and apostolic wisdom.

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